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    (This on-line course is a product of the Eisbrenner Productivity Group not the Intenational MODAPTS Association.)

    Basic MODAPTS Practitioner Certification Online Course

    This comprehensive course is designed as a 30-hour class that includes 5 modules. The course includes interactive exercises and video examples designed to introduce you to the principles and rules of the MODAPTS® system. Some people have successfully completed the training in less than 30 hours, while others have required more time. Each individual can take the necessary time to complete all 5 modules.
    This 30-hour class includes numerous exercises that reinforce the MODAPTS® concepts, rules and recommendations. Large companies, smaller business, and anyone interested in consistently setting reliable work standards for manually controlled tasks can benefit from learning and using the MODAPTS® system.

    What You Get Upon Completion

    • A suitable for framing MODAPTS® Practitioner Certificate issued by the International MODAPTS® Association
    • Wallet-size MODAPTS® membership/certification card
    • Entitlement to a free one-year membership in the International MODAPTS® Association
    • MODAPTS® online newsletter

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    Eisbrenner Productivity Group at

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