MODSEW® evolved from the observation that certain motion patterns in sewing occurred repeatedly. As a first step, these motion patterns were coded using hte MODAPTS® predetermined time system. Then, these codes were collected into table or "Modules" for ease of use. The result is MODSEW®... tables of time values representing universal motion patterns of qualified, thoroughly experience sewing operators.

The 57 Modules included in MODSEW® represent the bulk of all activity found in sewing such as picking up plies, folding in preperation to sew, aligning, straightening, cutting, setting aside garments, bundle handling, etc. A special Sewing Module calculates machine time based on the length of the sew burst, machine RPM, Acceleration/Deceleration, etc. It will also calculate thread consumption based on the Union Special thread consumption calculations. MODSEW® Modules provide time values for approximately 87% of all motion patterns found in the sewn products industry.

MODSEW® is owned and distributed by Byte Software, LLC of Mauldin, South Carolina. For more information, please contact

Supplementary data is a data block approach in which fixed groups or blocks of MODAPTS elements may be added together to obtain time values for elements and for entire operations. Some presently available MODAPTS supplementary data sets are described to the left and below.

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