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  1. What is MODAPTS?
  2. What can I expect from MODAPTS?
  3. Is MODAPTS a recognized system?
  4. Can I measure worker performance skills using MODAPTS?
  5. How about a quick review of the system?
  6. Is the MODAPTS system accurate?
  7. Is there computer software for MODAPTS?
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What is MODAPTS?

MODAPTS is a third generation predetermined time system used for:
  • Calculating reliable production standards,
  • Improving an organization's productivity,
  • Analyzing departmental efficiency, and
  • Improving employee relations.
The name MODAPTS is derived from "MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards." MODAPTS can be used manually or with the aid of a desktop computer.

What can I expect from MODAPTS?

You can expect an immediate improvement in your operational productivity, because MODAPTS is "solutions" oriented. All motions required of a person to complete a task are recorded and analyzed for methods improvement. MODAPTS is unusually sensitive to improving methods because of its unique coding system.

MODAPTS takes the stopwatch out of the calculation of production standards, improving employee relations while adding objectivity to standards. No longer will you discuss how fast a particular person is working during a time study, because MODAPTS requires no performance rating.

Because MODAPTS is so easy to learn and apply, analysts spend significantly less time developing standards. Thus, more time can be spent on engineering methods and planning production.

Is MODAPTS a recognized system?

MODAPTS has been accepted around the world as a valid and useful predetermined time system since 1966. It is widely used in the USSR, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and the United States. This worldwide usage is a tribute to its simplicity, logic, effectiveness, low cost, and diversity of application.

MODAPTS was tested by the accounting firm Price Waterhouse in several industrial situations to compare it with existing predetermined time systems, including stopwatch time study. The results of this two year, $475,000 study indicate:
  • Accuracy is comparable to other systems such as MTM, MSD, and Work Factor,
  • Up to 20 standards a day can be calculated,
  • The average supervisor can learn MODAPTS and how to calculate standards, and
  • The average employee can understand MODAPTS.
Research was conducted at the Israel Institute of Technology on the speed of application of different work measurement systems. Results indicate that MODAPTS is approximately twice as fast as MTM-1 and Work Factor on tasks with cycle times of one minute or less. It is approximately 25% faster than MTM-2 and time study.

MODAPTS is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a preferred system for developing fair work standards for rehabilitation facilities. MODAPTS complies with MIL-STD 1567A, specifications developed by the Department of Defense for work measurement programs of defense contractors.

Can I measure worker performance skills using MODAPTS?

Yes, a functional assessment battery of 21 tests based on MODAPTS is available. These tests can provide a measure of a person's capacity to perform different types of work activities.

How about a quick review of the system?

MODAPTS elements are presented in three groups: movement elements, terminal elements, and supporting elements. There are elements for both small/light objects and for large/heavy objects.

A typical motion sequence is coded M3G3M4P0. This represents a move with the arm to pick up a flat object (M3G3). Following this the object is moved to a general location such as to the other hand (M4P0). The unit of time used by MODAPTS is called a MOD. To calculate the time to complete the activity, all that is required is to add together the numeric values. Here it is ten MODS. Converted to seconds, the time is 1.290 (10 x 0.129). Seldom does it take more than a few minutes to calculate production standards for simple tasks where the motion pattern is familiar to the analysts.

Is the MODAPTS system accurate?

Stating that system accuracy is ± 5% at the 95% confidence level is easy, but proving it is impossible. In the physical sciences, devices exist for accurately measuring weights, distances, temperatures and so forth. In every case the measurement device can be carried to a lab and calibrated to a "known." However, there is no such lab to check the accuracy of any production standard generated by any predetermined time system. All that can be done is to compare standards generated by the various systems.

The only reasonable conclusion is that stating system accuracy has no real meaning. Stating system reliability makes more sense. An expression can then be made as to how reliably a system expresses an organization's concept of a "fair day's work." MODAPTS has been used for more than 20 years in more than 40 countries around the world and has been found to yield highly reliable results.

Not only is MODAPTS reliable, it is also consistent. Consistency is a measure of dispersion between different analysts working up a standard for the same job. MODAPTS® comes up the winner every time because of the few values from which to choose.

Is there computer software for MODAPTS?

Yes! Several interactive multi-level software programs are available. See our software section for a list of available options.

How do I learn more?

Contact the International MODAPTS Association administrative office. You can find detail contact information in our contacts section.


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