The original MODAPTS data was developed by Mr. G. C. "Chris" Heyde. As Mr. Heyde tells his story, he was working in a large Tobacco firm in Australia during the 1930's. Although trained as a Chemical Engineer, he spent a large part of his time developing production standards for the company. In his situation a few standards were excessively tight, but many were excessively loose. This consistency was attributed to the fact that time was used to develop the standards. Time study requires that an analyst evaluate the speed of the effectiveness of the employee. This evaluation, called performance rating, is very subjective, open to opinion and bias. Thus inconsistent standards are the rule, rather than the exception.

Following a job change, Mr. Heyde worked for a multi plant organization, managing the standards department. He supervised 12 time study analyst, all engaged in developing production standards for various activities throughout the several plants. Again, he found difficult to develop consistent standards, even with frequent training sessions in performance rating. However, he did find a way to speed up the standards development process, by using block data. Not only did this approach speed up the process, it also improved the consistency. Still, where physically demanding work was involved, consistency remained a problem.

In 1954, Mr. Heyde began to use MTM and to a lesser extent, Work Factor. Using these systems he found that the time and cost involved in developing standards increased dramatically. Realizing the principle of using predetermined time values was sound, Mr. Heyde began a search for a system that could be applied in far less time than the required by MTM or Work Factor.

In early 1960's MTM-2, simplified data system based on MTM-1 elements was introduced in Sweden. Through various combinations and rearrangements, the MTM-2 data table was drastically reduced. However Chris Heyde thought even more could be done, particularly in regards to reassigning time values to the body part used. It was at this time that Mr. Heyde began the development of a system that could be easily memorized and that contained only whole integer time values. He tested every conceivable method of presenting predetermined time data for ease of use, ease of learning and consistency of results. In 1966, MODAPTS was introduced. It retrieved immediate acceptance and today ranks among the most popular in the world.


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