Officers and Directors


President Gary Sigmon, Consultant
Treasurer C. Thomas Sechrist, IMA Founder
Ford Motor Company
Secretary Karl Barnes, UAW
Vice President - Certification Phil Taylor
Abilities Unlimited
Vice President - Communications George J. Miko
Miko Productivity Group, IMA Founder,
1995, 1997 & 2000 G. C. Heyde Award
Vice President - Marketing & Promotions Robert Lisson
On Site Therapy, LLC
Executive Director Darren May


Jim Ryan United Auto Workers
Rick Evans United Auto Workers
Scott Retherford United Auto Workers
Diane Smith KCCDD
Matt Squire Ford Motor Company
Mark Johnson Sechrist and Associates
Adrea Donnelly Ford Motor Company
Steve Janitiski Sechrist and Associates
Suzanne Bonfanti Sulzbacher Center

Directors Emeritus

G. C. (Chris) Heyde 1914 - 2000
Michael D. Shinnick, Ed.D. Dynamics Research Group, IMA FOUNDER 1994 G. C. Heyde Award
Robert M. Wygant, Ph.D. Western Michigan University, IMA FOUNDER 1993 G. C. Heyde Award
Donald B. Barker Contemporary Solutions, IMA FOUNDER, 2000 G. C. Heyde Award

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