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 MODAPTS is a third generation predetermined time system used for:

  • Calculating reliable production standards,   
  • Facilitating methods/ergonomics improvement,
  • Improving an organization's productivity, 
  • Analyzing departmental effectiveness, and 
  • Improving employee relations.

The name MODAPTS is derived from "MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards." MODAPTS can be used manually or with the aid of a computer.  

Who We Are

The International MODAPTS Association is a nonprofit organization who's mission is to have research preformed to improve and expand MODAPTS both geographically and functionally, to establish standards for teaching MODAPTS, to certify instructors who meet these standards, to create practitioner certification standards, to create an institution that will evaluate and approve modifications to MODAPTS, and license others to use, teach, publish, or otherwise use MODAPTS.


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Anyone needing to set an accurate production rate.  Users include non-profits that employee individuals with disabilities to major manufactures including Ford, Chrysler, Johnson Controls, and G. E.

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